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Giving Your Swimming Pool a Spring Clean

As the weather starts to brighten and the temperature gets warmer, there’s no better time than now to give your pool a spring clean to prepare it for regular use during the spring and summer seasons. A small amount of work can go a long way to making your pool clean and usable for your family and visitors alike, so simply follow these handy tips to prepare your pool for a stress-free spring/summer opening. If you have had a winter cover on your pool during the colder months, now is a good time to take it off the pool, carefully check…

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When’s the Right Time to Call an Expert about My Leaking Swimming Pool?

Maintaining your pool can seem like an arduous task in the winter months when the idea of plunging into cool water is considerably less appealing than on those hot summer days. However, ensuring your pool and any leaks you find are fixed as soon as possible will mean you’re ready to jump in at the first glimpse of the spring/summer sunshine. If you suspect that your swimming pool is suffering from a leak and you are unsure what action to take, read on to discover H2o’s top tips on how this problem can be properly repaired and prevented in future. Why…

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Signs your pool cover needs replacing

To ensure the very best from a pool, owners must invest in a durable cover to reduce evaporation and help to keep the water warm – it can also help stop some debris dropping into the pool straight away. A pool cover is an easy thing to forget about because we can be so used to taking them on and off, that we don’t spare the time to check it over for damages. Although pool covers may be a passing thought to you, it’s vital to check your cover over for general wear and tear on a regular basis so you’re…

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Buying a home with a swimming pool

So, you’re buying a new house that has a swimming pool – inside or outside – what do you need to know and be aware of? This month, H2o Swimming Pools will be be discussing what to look for when buying a home that comes with a pool, to ensure you only invest in the best. Does a swimming pool need a survey/check before house sale? If you’re buying a property with a swimming pool, you will undoubtedly ask about its current condition. The seller knows that the buyer will want to know – so it’s within their interests to make…

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Opening your swimming pool ready for spring

After those long winter months, the maintenance of your pool can be a tricky task. H2o Swimming Pools are here to make it easy for you, with an article providing a variety of last minute cleaning and maintenance checks. We will also briefly cover how we open your pools and proceed with refurbishments and repairs to ensure your pool is ready to use this Easter. Final checks you can do After you have winterised your pool and closed it, it’s important to regularly check its condition to ensure it stays in top working order. With spring fast approaching, there’s no better…

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What is the best shape for a swimming pool?

Now you’ve got planning permission, what shape pool do you want to have? This month’s article with H2o Swimming Pools will compare some of the types of indoor and outdoor pools that are available, to ensure you choose the right shape that best suits you and your family’s lifestyle. If you can’t quite decide what swimming pool shape you’d like, we’ve put together a portfolio of shapes to consider before diving into a decision. Drift off into a world of paradise with our luxurious tropical creations whilst we discuss your options. The best shapes for indoors Pool shapes and sizes that…

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Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Don’t neglect your home pool over winter – doing so will most likely land you with many problems when it comes time to reopen it for the summer season. Keeping your pool healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. By following the tips below, you can keep your pool in pristine condition over the harsher months, ready for your family to enjoy once again in the warmer season. Don’t let your pool fall into disrepair and take a look at our tips for preparing your pool for winter. Bring in a specialist If you’re looking for the burden to be lifted…

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Reducing the running cost of your swimming pool

Whilst having a swimming pool in the garden is a dream for many people, it’s an expensive task to undertake. One large factor in what makes them so expensive is their running costs once they have been installed – particularly for heated swimming pools. It’s not something many people think about before investing, but it is something you can remedy if you find the cost of running and maintaining your pool is a little too high for your budget. In this article we’ll suggest ways in which you can lower the running cost, from the simple tips you can utilise, to…

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Indoor Pool Pitfalls: Part 2 – Usage Issues

Last month we discussed indoor pools and the design issues which surround having one constructed. This month, in the second part of our indoor pool special, we’ll be taking a look at the swimming pool maintenance requirements for indoor pools, which can differ from a normal outdoor pool. There’s no reason you should avoid an indoor pool – in fact, they’re great because you can use them whatever the weather is like outside! – but there are some things you need to consider when using one. Oxidising & Evaporation The treatment of your indoor pool is going to need even more…

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Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Series: Ostracizing Other Issues

In this series of troubleshooting guides we’ve tackled some specific issues, but this month we’re going to look at the miscellaneous issues which you might come up against as a pool owner. Swimming pool maintenance is important if you wish to keep your pool in a usable condition and here we’ll talk through what the issue might be and how you could attempt to resolve it. However, remember that you should always take care when using chemicals and you should consult a professional if you don’t feel capable of resolving the issues yourself. Foamy Waters If you have a pool then…

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