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How to Use a Hot Tub Safely

With temperatures soaring and the sun shining, there’s no better time than now to remove the cover from your hot tub and put it to good use for friends and family to enjoy. Likewise, if you don’t currently have a hot tub but you are feeling inspired to take the plunge and make the purchase this summer, it’s important to ensure it is used properly to get the most out of the experience. Following on from our recent article which looks into swimming pool safety, this month we will be covering safety and etiquette rules for an outdoor hot tub as…

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Cool Hot Tub Accessories

So you have a hot tub and you’re planning on having a party with a bunch of friends, tasty canapés and a few ice cold drinks. With summer on its way, H2o Swimming Pools are here to discuss the most practical and coolest accessories you should be adding, to enhance those beautiful hot nights. Make sure that your summer requirements are met with the utmost pampering and relaxation, when you pick up these cool hot tub accessories. Inflatable floating boats – When you’re sitting back in the hot tub and find yourself wanting a refreshing ice cold lemonade in the middle…

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How Much Does it Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

Are you considering a hot tub for your property but are worried about the running costs? Don’t rule it out, as maintaining a hot tub can actually be cheaper than you might think. Not everyone possesses the budget or the space to indulge in a swimming pool, so hot tubs and spas are the perfect alternative due to their smaller size, lower installation and running costs, and usability all year round. Before you buy, you might have a few questions on your mind. So we’ve put together this article to help provide a few answers about hot tub running costs and…

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Spa-tacular hot tubs: What are the benefits?

With the colder months approaching, it’s time to step away from the outdoor pool and into the warmth of a hot tub or spa. Not only do these features grace your home with a bit of opulence, they also provide great health benefits, an increase in relaxation levels and relief from the weather. Beautiful designs teamed with regular maintenance can make hot tubs a valued feature of the house to be enjoyed by all ages. So what are the benefits of hot tubs and spas and what is it that makes them so attractive to homeowners across the country? They can…

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The pros and cons of inflatable hot tubs

A growing trend in the UK, hot tubs are popping up in more back gardens than ever. They’re a great alternative to a pool if you don’t have the space, or if you simply want somewhere to sit and relax or exercise in any weather. The choice people face once they decide they want the luxury of a hot tub, however, is whether they want a permanent tub or an inflatable one. In this article we’ll run through the pros and cons of both hot tub types to help you choose what would be the best for your needs. An alternative…

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Hot Tub Maintenance Safety – The Cautionary Tale Of Chris Smalling

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling made headlines earlier this year when his hot tub was found to have caught fire. Luckily, the hot tub was outside in his back garden at his home in Altrincham and the smoke was spotted by police. The officers called the fire brigade who came and extinguished the fire. The Champions League footballer had a lucky break in some respects – not least because the fire services were alerted early on – having been out at a poker party that day with friends. The fire services claimed that, had they not been on the scene so…

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A guide to buying and owning a hot tub

Summer is almost upon us, casting glorious sunshine into our gardens and making us pine for a place to dip and enjoy lazy days. For many people a swimming pool is too large or cumbersome for their property, but a hot tub or spa offers that extra relaxation at a fraction of the size. They’re great all year round as a place to dip and soak up the brilliant sunshine or on huddle into on a cold evening in winter. What then, do you need to consider when buying and owning a hot tub? Here we’ve put together a few top…

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Warm up this winter in your hot tub!

So the pool is covered and set away for winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside for a dip. A hot tub is the perfect addition to any home since it can be used all year round, imagine using one as the snow falls, you sit submerged in hot water with steam rising for the small pool. There have been many incarnations of the hot tub through the ages but they were popularised in western culture in the 1940s when they were introduced into the USA by a Japanese company.   All Year Round The reason you can…

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