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When’s the Right Time to Call an Expert about My Leaking Swimming Pool?

Maintaining your pool can seem like an arduous task in the winter months when the idea of plunging into cool water is considerably less appealing than on those hot summer days. However, ensuring your pool and any leaks you find are fixed as soon as possible will mean you’re ready to jump in at the first glimpse of the spring/summer sunshine.

If you suspect that your swimming pool is suffering from a leak and you are unsure what action to take, read on to discover H2o’s top tips on how this problem can be properly repaired and prevented in future.

Why might your pool be leaking?

If you have noticed that your swimming pool is losing water or you have found yourself having to top up the water levels regularly, chances are your pool is suffering from a leak. Old or neglected pools are more likely to fall victim to leaks as they are highly susceptible to the effects of general wear and tear or ageing. What starts off as a small leak can quickly escalate into major costly issues if left unaddressed, such as excessive water consumption and even entire structural failure.

Treatment of leaks

If you’ve identified the problem with your pool’s water loss as a leak, it will depend on what exactly is causing the problem as to how readily it can be fixed. If you feel unsure at all, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals, such as H2o Swimming Pools. Doing this could save you money in the long run, as pool systems can be complex, and extremely problematic if they develop any major faults.

– Skimmer leaks – a common type of leak is caused by a gap between your pool’s skimmer and the concrete structure. This can often be fixed by placing some pool putty around the gaps.

– Light fixtures – gaps or cracks around the light fixtures can cause them to lose water; it is imperative that anything to do with repairing the electrics in your pool should be seen to by an expert.

– Liner leaks – vinyl pools have the most potential risk for leaks, as tears can happen more easily to the surface of the material.

– Equipment leaks – if you see running water where it shouldn’t be, such as out of the pumps, filters or heating system, replacing that part could fix the problem.

– Multiport valve problems – the main gasket inside your multiport valve can fail and cause water to leak down your backwash pipe rather than return to the pool.

Preventing your pool from losing water in the future

In addition to identifying and repairing leaks, there are a few things you can do to minimise the amount of water your pool loses:

– Turn off any fountains or water features when not needed – whilst beautiful to look at, aerated water evaporates faster.

– Heating – turn down the heat on your pool, as warmer water will also evaporate more quickly.

– Pool covers – be sure to replace your pool cover when you’re not swimming and in any case overnight. Using a pool cover can significantly reduce evaporation from swimming pools, saving substantial amounts of water.

Regular maintenance can go a long way to ensuring any issues are quickly detected and fixed before they develop into significant damage. Seeking the expertise of a swimming pool specialist will mean that a systematic approach is taken, ensuring the leak is properly diagnosed and the correct remedial action is carried out. Choosing the right swimming pool expert – such as H2o Swimming Pools – for such maintenance work will ensure that your pool will continue to operate at its best for many years to come.

H2o Swimming Pools offer a range of regular or one-off pool care options to ensure your pool is fully functional when you need it most. A comprehensive service is provided in the run up to summer – including re-commissioning, full cleans and heating or filter repairs, cover replacement and all types of refurbishment. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the experts at H2o Swimming Pools are on hand to help – simply get in touch today to chat to one of our friendly team, or book in an appointment for your pool.


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