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Coronavirus situation

In these worrying times, we want to reassure you that we are doing our best for the wellbeing of customers and staff, and regularly checking Government advice. We’ve asked staff to follow public health guidance including frequent thorough hand washing, social distancing and to stay at home if they feel ill or have any symptoms of the virus. SPATA, our trade association, in conjunction with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, is currently advising that swimming pool water is safe to swim in providing a correct chemical balance with sufficient sanitizer levels and the correct pH is maintained at all times. …

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Surrey Pool Renovation – Case Study

Scope of works The client’s remit was to have their abandoned outdoor pool modernised and brought back into use. From start to finish H2O started the work in spring 2018 by pumping out the stagnant water, excavating behind the pool shell and cutting out all the old pool fittings and lifting and disposing of the original coping stones. Then, across the roman end we built a new concrete block wall, tied in to the existing shell and rendered, and the roman end was filled in. We then built a pit at one end to take an automatic pool cover, raised the floor slightly…

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How to Use a Hot Tub Safely

With temperatures soaring and the sun shining, there’s no better time than now to remove the cover from your hot tub and put it to good use for friends and family to enjoy. Likewise, if you don’t currently have a hot tub but you are feeling inspired to take the plunge and make the purchase this summer, it’s important to ensure it is used properly to get the most out of the experience. Following on from our recent article which looks into swimming pool safety, this month we will be covering safety and etiquette rules for an outdoor hot tub as…

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School’s out for the Summer! Transform Your Pool into the Perfect Aqua Playground

If you have recently opened your swimming pool ready for the summer holidays, there’s no better time than now to transform it into an aquamarine dream with the addition of some fun summer pool accessories. Following on from our child safety article last month which discusses the ways you can childproof your swimming pool area, this month we will be looking into how swimming pool accessories can turn your pool into the perfect aqua playground just in time for the summer season! Slides Whether you are installing a new swimming pool or you are looking to upgrade your existing one, a…

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Pet and Child Safety In and Around Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are renowned for being the perfect source of entertainment and fun for the entire family; even pets love to get in on the action! As the sun starts to shine and the summer fast approaches, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary pool safety precautions in place to prevent any accidents from occurring when taking a dip in your pool. This is particularly important in households with young children or pets, as playing in the pool can quickly become fatal if pool safety systems are not in place. Whether you have a pool in your back garden…

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Giving Your Swimming Pool a Spring Clean

As the weather starts to brighten and the temperature gets warmer, there’s no better time than now to give your pool a spring clean to prepare it for regular use during the spring and summer seasons. A small amount of work can go a long way to making your pool clean and usable for your family and visitors alike, so simply follow these handy tips to prepare your pool for a stress-free spring/summer opening. If you have had a winter cover on your pool during the colder months, now is a good time to take it off the pool, carefully check…

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Swimming Pool Heaters – Everything You Need to Know

Typical British weather can render your swimming pool unusable at certain times of the year; to get the most return on your investment and ensure that you can get as much use out of your pool as possible – even through the colder months – a specially designed heater provides the ideal solution. As with any purchase such as this, it’s important to ensure that you are fully informed before committing to anything. This article will delve deeper into the three main swimming pool heaters available so that you can decide which type will best suit your requirements. Solar heater In…

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When’s the Right Time to Call an Expert about My Leaking Swimming Pool?

Maintaining your pool can seem like an arduous task in the winter months when the idea of plunging into cool water is considerably less appealing than on those hot summer days. However, ensuring your pool and any leaks you find are fixed as soon as possible will mean you’re ready to jump in at the first glimpse of the spring/summer sunshine. If you suspect that your swimming pool is suffering from a leak and you are unsure what action to take, read on to discover H2o’s top tips on how this problem can be properly repaired and prevented in future. Why…

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Ease Back into Exercise after Christmas Using Your Swimming Pool

If those extra mince pies, or that third helping of Christmas dinner, have left you feeling like you could do with some more exercise, swimming pools are a great way of incorporating fun workouts into your daily routine. Aquatic exercise is much easier on your knees and joints than running or jogging and, as such, aquatic fitness is becoming increasingly popular. With a variety of water-based cycling, aerobic and zumba workouts available, it can begin to seem a little overwhelming choosing the right one for you – the following activities can all be done from the comfort of your own pool….

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Swimming Pool Safety at Night

The hidden dangers surrounding open water and the use of swimming pools has been a hot topic within the media in recent years, prompting the need for further education on the importance of water safety. For homeowners who have a swimming pool at their property, misuse can have dire consequences so it’s important to make sure the correct safety measures are in place to prevent any accidents. As the winter season brings with it darker evenings, swimming pool safety at night is imperative. As such, you must be fully informed on what you need to do to ensure that your outdoor/indoor…

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