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Buying a home with a swimming pool

So, you’re buying a new house that has a swimming pool – inside or outside – what do you need to know and be aware of? This month, H2o Swimming Pools will be be discussing what to look for when buying a home that comes with a pool, to ensure you only invest in the best.

Does a swimming pool need a survey/check before house sale?

If you’re buying a property with a swimming pool, you will undoubtedly ask about its current condition. The seller knows that the buyer will want to know – so it’s within their interests to make the upkeep regular, to provide buyers with a very attractive deal. If you’re unsure about the pool’s condition, it may be worth considering talking to an expert who can follow up with an inspection – suggest this to be entailed within the purchase agreement. Once this has taken place, you can obtain the inspection report to decide if your desires outweigh the extra costs.

What do you need to know and what should you ask?

You will need to know everything about the pool such as the construction, how it is heated and how to maintain it generally. You will want to know when it was built, who built it, what parts have previously been repaired or replaced and whether they’ve had any pressing issues with the pool.

You should ask about the expenses, whether it affects your insurance, how much the utility bills are and how much it costs to replace parts of the pool. Basically, you want to know if you’re able to cover the costs, so you can enjoy the pool to it’s full potential.

Indoor and outdoor pools

Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors could be a deal breaker for some. Although having a swimming pool is your lifelong dream, you may want to wait until you find one that is more practical and better suited to your lifestyle.

Indoor pools for example, generally get more use – especially in colder locations because you and the pool are protected from the harsh weather. This means that they’re much more accessible to you and your family as you don’t have to worry about popping outside first thing in the morning, plus, it offers you that extra bit of privacy. Although they’re easier to control, dehumidifiers are necessary in order to reduce the moisture in the air and this can increase your electricity bills. You want to make sure you’re happy with the design too – if the indoor pool feels too claustrophobic and more like public baths, an outdoor pool may be what you’re actually looking for.

Outdoor pools, like the indoor pools, can look stunning and like everything, these also have things you should be aware of. During the summer you will be grateful that you can cool down and unwind whilst swimming in the sunshine. Outdoor pools do lose a lot of heat though, so a heating system will be needed to ensure that it’s always good to use whilst it’s open during the summer. You will want to ask about how it’s heated to ensure it’s in full working order. You may also want to consider what’s needed to winterise the pool, during winter to keep it in good condition.

Advantages of owning a home with a pool

  • Your property value may increase
  • It’s ideal for families with children (teach them how to swim)
  • Health benefits – daily exercise in your very own home
  • Great for those that love to party in the summer
  • Aesthetically pleasing – it can transform a space and compliment your home
  • A luxury place to relax – have that spa like feeling everyday

Here with H2o, we encourage those buying a home with a swimming pool to look out for any warning signs, and to do your research to ensure you make the most of your investment. Don’t forget to ask the important questions to help you make your decision and offer, so you can reap the benefits of having your very own pool as soon as possible. If you need professional advice or have any questions regarding our pool services, please get in contact today!


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