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What is the best shape for a swimming pool?

Now you’ve got planning permission, what shape pool do you want to have? This month’s article with H2o Swimming Pools will compare some of the types of indoor and outdoor pools that are available, to ensure you choose the right shape that best suits you and your family’s lifestyle. If you can’t quite decide what swimming pool shape you’d like, we’ve put together a portfolio of shapes to consider before diving into a decision. Drift off into a world of paradise with our luxurious tropical creations whilst we discuss your options. The best shapes for indoors Pool shapes and sizes that…

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Swimming Pools: Do You Need Planning Permission?

Whether to warm you up or cool you down, there are many benefits to having a family swimming pool. Not only is it an easy way to exercise, it can also enhance your home’s appearance and potentially boost its future selling price. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your very own swimming pool, your first question may be whether you need planning permission. And if so, what is the process to obtain planning permission? It’s actually more straightforward than you think, so just take a look at our guide below about how to secure your swimming pool planning…

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Top tips for designing the perfect pool

A family pool is an exciting prospect for both adults and kids alike, and can be a great source of fun and exercise for all the family. Additionally, pools can enhance the aesthetic value, and potentially the monetary value, of your property. However, designing and installing your home swimming pool is a big undertaking that you will want to get right with minimal hitches. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for designing the perfect swimming pool, giving you some guidelines about what to consider before your contractors start work. Budget Having a budget is the foundation of the entire…

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Five amazing swimming pools from around the UK

When we think about the kind of luxury found in some of the world’s most extravagant swimming pools, we often think about tropical climates and far away countries. But this month we’ve gathered up some of the finest pools the UK has to offer, hoping it inspires you to plan your own swimming pool design, or even simply seek out some of these glorious locations for yourself. Tinside Lido Exposed to the vista of the ocean, the Tinside Lido in Plymouth looks out from the British coast as a Grade II listed structure which is still in use today. Whether it’s…

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Swimming Pools Become More Fun Than Ever Before

Swimming pool design services have been around for a long time now, allowing people to create the ideal pool for their home and their budget. But the world of swimming pool design is changing all the time, with different aspects of the pool ripe for reinvention and adaptation. That’s why this month, we’ve taken a look at the latest trends in swimming pool construction which are making pools more fun than ever before.   The Baja Shelf You might not recognise the official term Baja shelf, but you’ll no doubt have come across one before in pools. This design feature is…

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Indoor Pool Pitfalls: Part 1 – Design Issues

If the idea of having a pool outdoors doesn’t appeal to you then you might be tempted to opt for an indoor swimming pool. Indoor pools give you all the luxury of a temperate swimming pool all year round without some of the more tedious maintenance jobs. However, getting an indoor pool isn’t as simple as some people think. Many homeowners rush to get an indoor pool and fall into some very obvious pitfalls which come back to haunt them. In this article we’ll talk you through some of the design issues which you need to factor in before you begin…

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What is the best position for a garden swimming pool?

If you’ve ever considered having a pool installed in your garden then you’ve probably got a lot of questions about how you get started and whether it’s even possible for you to have a pool installed. The big question is whether you can fit one into your garden, and if you can, what’s the best position for the pool where you’ll get the best use out of it. It isn’t just simply a case of digging a hole and fitting a pool into it, there needs to be careful consideration about where your pool will be situated in relation to your…

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