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Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Don’t neglect your home pool over winter – doing so will most likely land you with many problems when it comes time to reopen it for the summer season. Keeping your pool healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. By following the tips below, you can keep your pool in pristine condition over the harsher months, ready for your family to enjoy once again in the warmer season. Don’t let your pool fall into disrepair and take a look at our tips for preparing your pool for winter.

Bring in a specialist

If you’re looking for the burden to be lifted from your shoulders, why not employ the services of a specialist? Professional pool companies, such as H2O Swimming Pools, can offer comprehensive winterisation services to maintain your pool when it’s not in use. We will visit your pool initially to conduct our efficient pool shut-down, and then also make periodic visits to check up and maintain it. Not only do we have the necessary equipment and expertise on hand, we can also provide advice and tips concerning the needs of your individual pool.

Drain water to avoid frost damage

Any water left in the pool’s pipes, heater, pump or filter runs the risk of freezing, expanding and potentially damaging the equipment. Draining water from these during the dormant months is vital to avoid costly frost damage. An important tip to remember is that circulating water is not likely to freeze, and H2O Swimming Pools can fit a frost thermostat that will automatically switch on the circulation pump if the temperature drops below dangerous levels. This can serve as an alternative to lowering the water level and draining the equipment.


Winter Pool Covers

Buying winter pool covers is a step you can’t afford to skip. These key pieces of equipment are designed to keep leaves, twigs and similar debris out of your pool. H2O Swimming Pools stock and sell winter covers if you don’t already have one. Before you cover up your pool, give the remaining water a skim and the pool sides a scrub to get rid of any grime or lingering bacteria. To avoid damage to your pool cover over the winter, remove any large debris, such as fallen branches, and keep an eye on the water level in case it needs to be lowered (which is where H2O can also help)

Use the right chemicals

For hygiene purposes, treating your pool to a ‘shock’ is a vital part of pool maintenance all year round, and that’s no different during winter. To further assist with the pool’s conservation, professionals will also be able to treat the water with special winterisation chemicals to gear your pool up for the cold weather to come. H20 offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool chemicals too.

Look after your indoor pool

It is not just outdoor pools that needs attention – proper maintenance should be given to indoor pools too, even if you don’t use them much in the winter. Therefore, make sure to continue with your regular water treatment and backwashing, and don’t forget to have your dehumidifier or environmental control unit serviced.

Warm up with a hot tub

With your pool out of use, you may be missing the warmth and comfort it can bring. A hot tub can offer you the same relaxing rewards, and is the perfect way to wind down and warm up after a cold winter day. Contact us at H2O Swimming Pools if you’re interested in getting one for your home.

Consider a pool enclosure

If you’re reluctant to take the plunge and shut down your outdoor pool over winter, then investing in a pool enclosure is the perfect way to make the most of your pool whatever the weather. At H2O Swimming Pools, we can provide a variety of styles and brands, with fixed or sliding sides – just give us a call to get a quote.

Here at H2O Swimming Pools, we offer comprehensive winterising services to keep your pool in immaculate condition. As leading specialists in the Surrey area, we also provide pool enclosures, luxurious hot tubs and winter pool covers. For more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team


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