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Signs your pool cover needs replacing

To ensure the very best from a pool, owners must invest in a durable cover to reduce evaporation and help to keep the water warm – it can also help stop some debris dropping into the pool straight away. A pool cover is an easy thing to forget about because we can be so used to taking them on and off, that we don’t spare the time to check it over for damages. Although pool covers may be a passing thought to you, it’s vital to check your cover over for general wear and tear on a regular basis so you’re ‘in-the-know’ for when your pool cover needs replacing.  

Peeling leads to weak spots

Look closely at your pool cover and inspect it for peeling and/or flaking. If you see any patches that are peeling or falling apart it’s important to change your cover because it will continue to deteriorate and the flaking material could block your pool pump. Unfortunately, over the years, the UV from the sun weathers the material and the chemicals used to keep your swimming pool clean, can react with the heat and speed up the breakdown of the cover.

*During winter it’s important to remove any large debris and if you have an automatic cover, check that there is no water or ice on top before operating it, because this could cause serious damage and lead to your cover failing.*

Brittle to the touch

A cover must be ductile and malleable to fit well around the pool. If your cover feels unduly stiff to the touch, it’s time to invest in a new one. If it’s brittle then it’s likely that you’ve had it for a long time and that the sun and pool chemicals have worn the cover down over time.

De-laminate pool covers

Delamination happens when a material is overheated, this causes the layered materials of the pool cover to part. As you’re well aware, a pool cover spans across a large area that, of course, attracts the sun, meaning that it’s a victim to constant weathering. The heat can cause the material to bubble and break, which is why it’s important to have a UV cover to protect your solar cover. It’s crucial that you place the solar protector sheet over-cover once the solar pool cover has been taken off, this will help to avoid de-lamination happening.

Broken reels

If your reel is broken, this can stop you from using your pool cover and, therefore, your pool will lose heat and collect more debris over time which has a knock on effect, meaning that you will have increased heating bills, and are likely to need more chemicals and spend more time cleaning the pool. Once you notice that you have a broken reel, get in touch with your local pool company who can give you a quote to replace it.

Type of pool covers

Automatic swimming pool covers although automatic safety covers are a more expensive option, they are perfect for pool owners with young children or pets and help to increase safety around your pool.

Solar swimming pool coversin the UK it’s hard to keep your pool warm but with solar swimming pool covers, you can guarantee your pool will retain the heat better. Solar covers will absorb the sun’s rays to ensure that pool owners can get the very best out of their pool. (These covers are best fitted to a reel.)

Gear mechanisms – are also now available to make manual reels easier to operate.


Winter covers – to fit in place of your solar cover to protect your pool over the winter season.


Why a functioning summer pool cover is a must:

  • It slows down evaporation
  • Reduces the need for chemicals
  • Retains the heat of the water
  • It’ll save you money on maintenance
  • If you have a safety cover, it increases safety for families that have young children and pets.






H2o Swimming Pools offer a range of pool coverings including automatic and solar, so if you’re looking to replace your pool cover, get in touch today and talk to our experienced professionals who can help you decide on the best pool cover to suit you. We’re based in Redhill, Surrey and offer our services throughout the South East region, London and the neighbouring areas. Send us an email or call us today!


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