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What is the best shape for a swimming pool?

Now you’ve got planning permission, what shape pool do you want to have?

This month’s article with H2o Swimming Pools will compare some of the types of indoor and outdoor pools that are available, to ensure you choose the right shape that best suits you and your family’s lifestyle. If you can’t quite decide what swimming pool shape you’d like, we’ve put together a portfolio of shapes to consider before diving into a decision. Drift off into a world of paradise with our luxurious tropical creations whilst we discuss your options.

The best shapes for indoors

Pool shapes and sizes that can look good indoors:

Roman and Grecian Pools

Roman and Grecian pools, have a very sophisticated appearance. They mimic the typical natural hot springs that go back through the ages, hence their names. The style of these pools will provide you with a first-class, social oasis. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the difference in shape between the Roman and Grecian pools?” Well, Roman pools have rounded corners and Grecian pools have clean cut corners, forming an octagonal shape. A pool like this is commonly used for parties and socialising for adults. Their classic structure works well with larger indoor areas, and their shape can be complemented well with pool accessories/decorations in their indentations.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular inground pools are commonly used for athletic swimming, but can also be used for general everyday exercise. A rectangle pool allows swimmers to enjoy a refreshing workout in the morning before going to work, and a relaxing dip before going to bed in the evening. This simple, classic design is ideal for both small and larger rooms – simply make the pool bigger if you wish to occupy more room or have some fun and add an adjoining hot tub on the side. An indoor rectangular pool is an extremely attractive option for those with finite space. Not only that, when selling your house a swimming pool could be the deciding factor for potential buyers.  

If you are a keen swimmer but with limited space, you may want to consider having a narrow ‘lap’ pool which could incorporate a swim jet to increase the exercise benefits.

Oval Pools

Oval pools are exceptionally beautiful.  Thanks to their soft edges they’re known to create a more peaceful, tranquil ambience. A serene oval pool is just as ideal as a rectangular pool because it still has length – the only difference are the rounded edges. This being said, an oval pool is the ultimate design for pool parties and watersports, such as volleyball, water polo and aqua jogging.  A pool like this is guaranteed to transform your space; whether you dress it up or down with accessories, your pool will always look tasteful.

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The best shapes for outdoors

Outside pools are a fantastic feature for any garden and H2o Swimming Pools are highly experienced in installing essential pool heating and covers for those of us who may not have the splendour of the sun all year round!

Pool shapes and sizes that work well outdoors:

Lazy-L Pool

Plunge into the Lazy-L pool, with an aesthetically pleasing “l” shape, this provides a natural entrance to ensure easy access via the shallower end. It is accommodating to families, thanks to the rectangular shape of the ‘l’ which can be used for laps and the tangent is the shallower end for play. Depending on how deep you want your pool, providing the dimensions meet current safety standards, you can give yourself the option for diving, thanks to the wide area this pool provides. Lazy-L is perfect for multiple activities that can take place at the same time!  

Figure 8 Pools

If you have a large family ranging from all ages, then the shallow and deep areas will work to your advantage; ideal for sports, relaxation and exercise. Although this type is called the Figure 8, this doesn’t mean to say that it has to be mirrored, your shape can be altered accordingly to suit the available area. Another advantage of this pool, are the indentations as they’re the quintessential place for planting shrubbery or things like basketball nets, for a bit of fun. Great for indoors as well as outdoors as the shape can adapt to your surroundings, and the sides enable you to incorporate seating areas and general walk room.

Free Form Pools

Free Form pools are amazing and it goes without saying that these pools can be best adapted to your personal tastes. Design a simple free form or a more complicated one depending on how you wish to compliment your home’s landscape. Free Forms give you the chance to experiment and get ideas flowing, so you can simply encapsulate yourself in a tropical paradise or unwind in the hot tub leading from the pool. Optimise your assets and think about the other features you can add once you have your stunning pool in place. You can add waterfalls, umbrellas, large rocks, exotic plants and lounge chairs to ensure your needs are met.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools have clean straight edges, enabling you to add slides and other decorations that’ll effortlessly fit in with the style. They’re ideal for those wanting a classic looking swimming pool, with an eye catching twist. Depending on the shape you choose, the areas that are indented, are the optimal place to add fountains and/or a seating area. For homeowners, this pool will certainly create serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not only are these pools easier to clean than irregular shaped pools, they’re also ideal for daily laps.

Circular Pools

Circular pools are easy to clean, social areas for a quick splash in the pool for parties and a place for children to play, with supervision. Due to the circumference, these pools require a large space and can offer deep water for you to enjoy a leisurely swim. Add large rocks, trees, shrubs and you’re well on your way to creating a private spot for composure. Tuck your pool into a corner or let it be the centre of attention.  

Round above ground pools are a very affordable option and start from around 10-12’ diameter, but there are also many oval options available to suit all budgets.

Kidney Pools

Similar to the oval pools, kidney pools provide a natural look that works with the majority of outdoor areas. Credit to the kidney pool, they work well with small, space restricted back gardens and the kidney shape generally lends itself to a natural placement to all areas. This smart style of pool is great for all the family and can be used for playing and relaxing. Another positive is that they can be decorated with ease, either with a simple statue/ornament, flowers, rocks, slides or fountains – you name it, they tie in well with a kidney pool.

H2o Swimming Pools’ advice

H2o Swimming Pools advise that you choose the best shape to suit your requirements and the space you wish it to be installed in. With various pool shapes and sizes to choose from, you have a lot of exciting possibilities to contemplate. Immerse yourself into a world of tranquility and relaxation with a little help from H2o as we can truly make your swimming pool dreams come true!

Please bear in mind that you will want access all round your pool to facilitate cleaning, and general maintenance and will need to cover your swimming pool to retain heat; so do allow space for a manual roller or automatic system to facilitate this. The simplest shapes to cover are basic rectangles.

For expert advice or to book an appointment with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today – we are always happy to help. All of the images used in this post are examples of our previous work – please see our portfolio gallery to view more.


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