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Opening your swimming pool ready for spring

After those long winter months, the maintenance of your pool can be a tricky task. H2o Swimming Pools are here to make it easy for you, with an article providing a variety of last minute cleaning and maintenance checks. We will also briefly cover how we open your pools and proceed with refurbishments and repairs to ensure your pool is ready to use this Easter.

Final checks you can do

After you have winterised your pool and closed it, it’s important to regularly check its condition to ensure it stays in top working order. With spring fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to get your pool open and see to it that winter hasn’t got the better of it, to encourage plenty of use in the upcoming months.

Filter, pump and heating system: check to see if there are any cracks or signs of frost/ice damage.

Debris: get rid of it! With winter comes decaying leaves and goodness knows what else. As such, it’s essential you remove debris quickly to avoid a build-up on top of your pool as this can cause the cover to bow and potentially rip in the middle; it might also be worthwhile hosing the cover down to loosen any moss. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your garden it’s important to dispose of any debris on your pool before you open it up again.

Liquid chlorine: if you have liquid chlorine, it’s certainly worthwhile adding this under the cover and into the pool water before you open up. Do this when the weather picks up, as this is when bacteria and algae tend to grow.

In ground pools: if your winter cover is damaged or anchor pegs are missing or bent, it’s good to replace them to ensure that you don’t forget about it when winter swings back around. Talk to our H2o professionals to find out more about cover repairs.

Above ground pools: again, like in ground pools, you want to make sure the cover has survived winter and  quickly repair any damages to make sure you’re on top of your pool maintenance.

Low water level: keep your pool nice and full at all times, especially if you have an automatic cover that sits on top of the surface. This will help you when you vacuum clean before opening this spring.

High water level: drain so it doesn’t overflow. Doing this manually might take some time depending on how much there is, so a pump may be required.

Open early: It’s time to call the professionals to re-commission your pool.

Reopening your pool with H2o

This article lists just a few  ways you can check whether your swimming pool has fallen victim to the cold winter months, in preparation for heavy use during the spring and summer seasons. However, to get the full works please get in touch with our specialists who can ensure that everything is working to its optimal potential. We will chlorine wash your pool, vacuum to remove any debris, dose the water, and check the systems for leaks and any signs of damage. We can also take care of any repairs that may need doing to ensure that you get your pool up and running, ready for the holidays. Remember, pools need a good couple of weeks to get the water at a nice temperature ready for pure relaxation; so seek help today.

Here at H2o Swimming Pools, we hope this article has provided you with all of the information you need when  reopening your pool ready for spring. Like everything else, pools must be cleaned and maintained to ensure they run smoothly and avoid any damage when getting back into the flow of spring/summer time. Get in touch with our professionals today to book your spring re-commissioning or repairs.


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