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Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Series: Ostracizing Other Issues

In this series of troubleshooting guides we’ve tackled some specific issues, but this month we’re going to look at the miscellaneous issues which you might come up against as a pool owner. Swimming pool maintenance is important if you wish to keep your pool in a usable condition and here we’ll talk through what the issue might be and how you could attempt to resolve it. However, remember that you should always take care when using chemicals and you should consult a professional if you don’t feel capable of resolving the issues yourself.

Foamy Waters

If you have a pool then you’ll want to ensure you have clear waters to swim in, foaming or scum building up on the surface of the water detracts from this and should be dealt with swiftly. The first reason you could be seeing this is due to excessive use of algaecide or similar products, but these only create a small amount of foaming in most cases. The most likely cause of this issue is that a foreign substance had entered your water or your return pipes have an air leak.

To combat this you will have to have your pipes checked for leaks. If your pipes show up no leaks then you might want to try using a defoamer product to combat the issue. Contact a professional who will be able to assess your pipes and offer more information on safe products to use.


Green Hair

This is a common problem which occurs for people with blonde hair, this is usually associated with high chlorine levels but it is in fact due to there being too much copper in your water. The copper reacts with the chlorine and then sticks to your hair, this then shows up as green on light hair.

To keep your copper levels in check you can use a metal out product, but to remove the colour from your hair it’s recommended you use either vinegar or lemon juice on your hair.

Rain Water Filling

In the UK we get our fair share of rain, this can help to push debris into your pool and makes your water level go up at the same time. The more water you have in the pool the more likely it will be that the balance of the chemicals will be disrupted.

You can’t legislate for environmental issues but you can address them when they come along. You’ll have to rebalance your water after getting the water level right again, with the possibility of a chemical shock to treat the water again.

Losing Water?

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you notice you are losing water from your pool there could be several reasons. The first is due to evaporation of your pool water, this can be solved with a solar cover for the summer months when it’s most likely to see large amounts of direct sunlight and heat. The other potential reason is a leak, this will be a less noticeable amount of water loss and requires the attention of a professional to assess what can be done.


Swimming pool maintenance is available from us here at H2O Swimming Pools. Our professional team will be able to assess your issues and offer advice, with the option to arrange periodic maintenance if you wish to have your pool taken care of and don’t feel safe using chemicals or inspecting pipework. Contact us today for more information or to arrange for maintenance on your pool.


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