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Considering a New Swimming Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know

Home renovation and new build projects provide the perfect opportunity to get creative with design ideas. Although an indoor or outdoor swimming pool might seem like a luxury, more and more homeowners are taking the plunge and incorporating it into the design of their home. To do so, careful attention needs to be paid to the preparation and installation of the swimming pool to ensure a flawless fit and encourage regular use for many years to come. Here, we will discuss the things to consider when looking to include an indoor or outdoor swimming pool in your home or garden plans,…

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Signs your pool cover needs replacing

To ensure the very best from a pool, owners must invest in a durable cover to reduce evaporation and help to keep the water warm – it can also help stop some debris dropping into the pool straight away. A pool cover is an easy thing to forget about because we can be so used to taking them on and off, that we don’t spare the time to check it over for damages. Although pool covers may be a passing thought to you, it’s vital to check your cover over for general wear and tear on a regular basis so you’re…

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Cool Hot Tub Accessories

So you have a hot tub and you’re planning on having a party with a bunch of friends, tasty canapés and a few ice cold drinks. With summer on its way, H2o Swimming Pools are here to discuss the most practical and coolest accessories you should be adding, to enhance those beautiful hot nights. Make sure that your summer requirements are met with the utmost pampering and relaxation, when you pick up these cool hot tub accessories. Inflatable floating boats – When you’re sitting back in the hot tub and find yourself wanting a refreshing ice cold lemonade in the middle…

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Fun ways to help teach your child how to swim

There comes a point in every parent’s life where they must consider teaching their child how to swim. Not only is swimming fun, it provides many health benefits and could be potentially life-saving. This month we want to help you make learning to swim as fun as it can be for your child, which is why we have put together this comprehensive guide with all you need to know. Encourage them to improve their strength and posture, whilst thriving on the rewards and accomplishments of becoming a strong swimmer. Swimming progression by age 6 Months – 1 Year Parent-children water activities…

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Buying a home with a swimming pool

So, you’re buying a new house that has a swimming pool – inside or outside – what do you need to know and be aware of? This month, H2o Swimming Pools will be be discussing what to look for when buying a home that comes with a pool, to ensure you only invest in the best. Does a swimming pool need a survey/check before house sale? If you’re buying a property with a swimming pool, you will undoubtedly ask about its current condition. The seller knows that the buyer will want to know – so it’s within their interests to make…

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Do you need swimming pool ladders?

Take a dip or float peacefully in the warm water of your swimming pool. Splash around with the family and host everyone’s favourite party. Get all the generations to join, Grandma and Grandad would love to take part! However, sometimes getting in and out of a pool can be too much of a drop for some. Make your swimming pool completely accessible to everyone, even for your pets – by installing pool ladders or stairs. There’s all types to choose from, that will still compliment your tastes and styles; whilst keeping your pool looking uniform and providing you with an entirely…

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Opening your swimming pool ready for spring

After those long winter months, the maintenance of your pool can be a tricky task. H2o Swimming Pools are here to make it easy for you, with an article providing a variety of last minute cleaning and maintenance checks. We will also briefly cover how we open your pools and proceed with refurbishments and repairs to ensure your pool is ready to use this Easter. Final checks you can do After you have winterised your pool and closed it, it’s important to regularly check its condition to ensure it stays in top working order. With spring fast approaching, there’s no better…

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What is the best shape for a swimming pool?

Now you’ve got planning permission, what shape pool do you want to have? This month’s article with H2o Swimming Pools will compare some of the types of indoor and outdoor pools that are available, to ensure you choose the right shape that best suits you and your family’s lifestyle. If you can’t quite decide what swimming pool shape you’d like, we’ve put together a portfolio of shapes to consider before diving into a decision. Drift off into a world of paradise with our luxurious tropical creations whilst we discuss your options. The best shapes for indoors Pool shapes and sizes that…

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How Much Does it Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

Are you considering a hot tub for your property but are worried about the running costs? Don’t rule it out, as maintaining a hot tub can actually be cheaper than you might think. Not everyone possesses the budget or the space to indulge in a swimming pool, so hot tubs and spas are the perfect alternative due to their smaller size, lower installation and running costs, and usability all year round. Before you buy, you might have a few questions on your mind. So we’ve put together this article to help provide a few answers about hot tub running costs and…

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Swimming Pools: Do You Need Planning Permission?

Whether to warm you up or cool you down, there are many benefits to having a family swimming pool. Not only is it an easy way to exercise, it can also enhance your home’s appearance and potentially boost its future selling price. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your very own swimming pool, your first question may be whether you need planning permission. And if so, what is the process to obtain planning permission? It’s actually more straightforward than you think, so just take a look at our guide below about how to secure your swimming pool planning…

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