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Do you need swimming pool ladders?

Take a dip or float peacefully in the warm water of your swimming pool. Splash around with the family and host everyone’s favourite party. Get all the generations to join, Grandma and Grandad would love to take part!

However, sometimes getting in and out of a pool can be too much of a drop for some. Make your swimming pool completely accessible to everyone, even for your pets – by installing pool ladders or stairs. There’s all types to choose from, that will still compliment your tastes and styles; whilst keeping your pool looking uniform and providing you with an entirely practical accessory.

At the design stage, did you consider having swimming pool ladders or steps? If not, don’t you worry, we have put together options to consider for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Let’s ponder the basics:

In-ground pools, ladders and slides

Stairs come in all shapes and sizes, from stainless steel to resin and some customers prefer having a slide to enter the pool with additional stairs to exit. You may want to think about access for children, the elderly and man’s best friend!

Stainless steel pool ladders are ideal for concrete, tiled and liner in-ground pools. These ladders have high handles and usually you can decide on whether you want or need models with 2-5 treads, this depends on how deep your pool is. The great thing about these ladders is that they’re stylish and simple, and just one can provide all the access you need to get in and out – or you can have one at each end.

Stair entry system are great for the elderly and handicapped, they’re extremely sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight. This type of stair has plastic resin steps and a strong aluminium frame. They’re also ideal for pets as they can get in and out as they wish, without it can prove to be difficult and it’s a safer option for them in case they’re struggling to swim or simply get out.  Alternatively, with a concrete pool, it may be possible to have full width or corner steps  built in retrospectively – ask us for an estimate.

Slides are an ideal way into the pool for families and are extremely popular with children. The only downfall with a slide is that it will only help you get into the pool.  

This being said, they’re a great feature and add a lot of fun to your pool. All you would have to do is provide a small set of ladders or stairs for a swift exit. Please note, though, that slides are only suitable if there is sufficient water depth for safe entry (and a water supply will need to be provided to the slide).

Above-ground pools, ladders and stairs

Off deck ladders are fit for deep above ground pools and ideal if your pool has an attached decking. These provide immediate access to suit families.

A-frame pool ladders are cheap but not elderly and handicapped friendly. These type of ladders come in three alternate styles. You can choose the strength of your ladders with an aluminium frame featuring plastic resin steps, stainless-steel frame again with resin steps or an all resin A-frame ladder.

One of the advantages with above ground pools is that you may be able to remove the ladder to prevent children getting into the pool when you don’t want them to use it.

Pool steps

Here are some retro-fit options but there are others.  If you would like more information please get in contact with us. Please bear in mind that in-pool steps are easier to retro-fit than new external steps which require fairly extensive works and excavating outside an existing pool.

Grand entrance steps look elegant and are very attractive. They are made of fibreglass and rest on a flat floor, resting against the walls. They stay underwater with a little help from the side panels that are filled with sand. They can come in different sizes and usually include a handrail safe and are ideal for in-ground pools. Also good for pets, giving them adequate access to and from the pool (also see below*).

Roman steps: Depending on your existing pool construction, you may be able to have a roman end step bay added to your pools that’ll fit so well you won’t be able to tell that it was not original. Roman steps have soft edges and always look classic in most pool shapes.

Another alternative that may be possible for a concrete pool, is to excavate and fit a square step bay on the side of your pool.

Swimming pools are fantastic fun, and it is possible to have them designed and created entirely to your specifications. If you’re planning to have a pool with in-built steps, you can

tailor them to ensure your pool is friendly for all! It is possible to have different kinds of designs such as wide, uniform steps and unconventional staggered steps.  If you have young children, you may want to consider extra wide steps at the shallow end where they can play.

Pets in pools

If you keep your pool well-maintained and clean, then having a pet in the pool shouldn’t be an issue. However if you do not wish to have a pet in your pool there are measures you can take, other than supervision that you can use to protect them from the pool. You could consider an automatic pool cover that seals the water off from wandering pets and children.  We recommend non-slip tiles on steps just in case they end up in the pool. This might help them or other wild animals to get out with some assistance, if you’re not there.  

If you do wish to allow your pet in the pool, you should consult a vet to ensure they haven’t any illness or skin issues; so everyone remains happy and healthy. When you’re given the OK to allow them into the pool, it’s important you show them how they get in and out. This will eliminate any exhaustion or stress, should they wish to leave. * You can have a special non-slip dog ramp fitted to the side of your pool to help your pet to climb out.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on ladders, stairs, steps and slides but our H2o experts are here to help with any queries. We are based near to Redhill, Surrey and we work around the South East region, London and other neighbouring counties. If you have any questions about access to your pools, installation, repairs or anything other. Please give us a ring today and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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