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Spa-tacular hot tubs: What are the benefits?

With the colder months approaching, it’s time to step away from the outdoor pool and into the warmth of a hot tub or spa. Not only do these features grace your home with a bit of opulence, they also provide great health benefits, an increase in relaxation levels and relief from the weather. Beautiful designs teamed with regular maintenance can make hot tubs a valued feature of the house to be enjoyed by all ages. So what are the benefits of hot tubs and spas and what is it that makes them so attractive to homeowners across the country? They can…

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Top tips for designing the perfect pool

A family pool is an exciting prospect for both adults and kids alike, and can be a great source of fun and exercise for all the family. Additionally, pools can enhance the aesthetic value, and potentially the monetary value, of your property. However, designing and installing your home swimming pool is a big undertaking that you will want to get right with minimal hitches. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for designing the perfect swimming pool, giving you some guidelines about what to consider before your contractors start work. Budget Having a budget is the foundation of the entire…

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Awesome swimming pool floats and accessories

Floats are becoming a key fixture of many swimming pools, and a feature that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. They also have the added bonus of being deflated and brought along on holiday, ready to be used for fun and games abroad. These days, there are a variety of different styles and innovative float designs available, and some more quirky than others. Want to brighten up your pool and give it a splash of colour? Check out our list of awesome swimming pool floats and accessories. Animal Floats These wacky floats are sure to be the life of…

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Good luck British swimmers!

With a summer of sport fast approaching, here at H2O Swimming Pools we are most excited about the swimming events that will be held at the Olympics Aquatic Stadium at Barra in Brazil. Starting on the 5th of August, and running for 16 packed days, the Rio Olympics is the most highly anticipated televised event of the year. And with 34 swimming medals up for grabs, we have high hopes of bagging some for Britain. Let’s dive in and give you some basic need-to-know facts about this year’s events and athletes. THE EVENTS The swimming debuted in the 1896 Olympics in…

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Fun games for the kids to play in the pool

There are few things more enjoyable in life than being in the sunshine with your family by the pool, and with the summer holidays rapidly approaching, you might be thinking of ways you can help keep your kids occupied while making the most of the fantastic weather. Utilising your pool is a great way of getting the kids outdoors, exercising and enjoying the fresh air, but if – fingers crossed – we get enough warm weather, they may run out of ways to enjoy the pool with you. To help your kids enjoy the sunshine this summer, take a look at…

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Pets in the pool

The temperature is starting to rise again, with more and more daylight for us to enjoy outside of work and school time. Your swimming pool is a great way to cool off and relax, but if you’re starting to feel the heat then spare a thought for your furry friends. A rise in temperature for cats and dogs sometimes leaves them desperate for a way to cool off, with your swimming pool being a big blue puddle in which they can refresh themselves. Many pets love pools just as much as we do, but there are a myriad of factors to…

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How much cold can you stand? Pool heater options

A swimming pool in your back garden at the height of summer is a fantastic way to spend time with the family, get everyone active and simply unwind. The hottest day last year in the UK saw temperatures hit a record 36.7℃, showing that there is plenty of good weather in which you can enjoy your pool. That said, the months either side of summer can also prove to be bright and warm, but they might lack that same sizzle we get in July. So how cold of a pool temperature can you withstand? The air around the pool might be…

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Five amazing swimming pools from around the UK

When we think about the kind of luxury found in some of the world’s most extravagant swimming pools, we often think about tropical climates and far away countries. But this month we’ve gathered up some of the finest pools the UK has to offer, hoping it inspires you to plan your own swimming pool design, or even simply seek out some of these glorious locations for yourself. Tinside Lido Exposed to the vista of the ocean, the Tinside Lido in Plymouth looks out from the British coast as a Grade II listed structure which is still in use today. Whether it’s…

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Pool Cover Safety

When you have the luxury of a pool in your back garden, there is also always a danger present. Bodies of water can be dangerous for children, animals and even adults if they aren’t fully paying attention. There is nothing better than enjoying your pool with your friends and family, but come winter it is essential that you consider the safety aspects of your pool and its cover. There are a multitude of pool covers on the market to choose from, but the key consideration should be how your pool cover can be made safe to avoid any tragic accidents. This…

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The pros and cons of inflatable hot tubs

A growing trend in the UK, hot tubs are popping up in more back gardens than ever. They’re a great alternative to a pool if you don’t have the space, or if you simply want somewhere to sit and relax or exercise in any weather. The choice people face once they decide they want the luxury of a hot tub, however, is whether they want a permanent tub or an inflatable one. In this article we’ll run through the pros and cons of both hot tub types to help you choose what would be the best for your needs. An alternative…

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