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Indoor Pool Pitfalls: Part 1 – Design Issues

If the idea of having a pool outdoors doesn’t appeal to you then you might be tempted to opt for an indoor swimming pool. Indoor pools give you all the luxury of a temperate swimming pool all year round without some of the more tedious maintenance jobs.

However, getting an indoor pool isn’t as simple as some people think. Many homeowners rush to get an indoor pool and fall into some very obvious pitfalls which come back to haunt them. In this article we’ll talk you through some of the design issues which you need to factor in before you begin planning your indoor pool.

Architecture & Construction

What you have to appreciate when planning for an indoor pool is that, although it will be an enclosed room as a part of your house, it is not the same as any other construction work you may have had previously. Cutting corners is unwise and ideally you will have someone on board who has experience of indoor swimming pool construction.

There are so many things to consider in the architectural construction of a pool, from the materials, to how they are actually applied. For example, choosing the right vapour barrier is vital but if it is not installed properly it will be a huge waste of time and money.


Whether you’re having just a few small windows or you’re lining the room with glass walls, the weakest point in your new indoor pool room will always be the windows. This new room in your house is going to be much more humid than any other, therefore you need to have double or triple glazed windows, but you also need to think about window frames and how the constant temperature flux will impact them.

Air Circulation

Moving warm, dry air around the room of your indoor pool is essential to dehumidify the space. Air which is evaporating from your pool will linger in the air and settle elsewhere in the room, with the potential to do a lot of damage if left unchecked. Your windows will also need to have a good air flow directed at them if they are to withstand the constant barrage of humid air.

The amount of equipment you will require for your indoor pool will rest upon a number of factors, including how large the room is set to be and what temperature you intend to keep the room and the water.

Pool Water Chemicals

The chemistry of your water is another integral part of your design as you’ll want to protect all your mechanical equipment as much as you possibly can. The more you can limit the amount of contact your chemicals have with any mechanical components the longer those components will last.


There are clearly a lot of different things you need to factor into the design of your indoor swimming pool, and while it is not impossible to organise these aspects yourself, you can always trust the team at H2O Swimming Pools to carry out pool construction to the highest standards. We can provide a full site survey and address any issues which need to be avoided for your indoor pool before the build begins.

Simply contact us today to discuss your plans or to book a site survey from our professional team.


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