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Top tips for designing the perfect pool

A family pool is an exciting prospect for both adults and kids alike, and can be a great source of fun and exercise for all the family. Additionally, pools can enhance the aesthetic value, and potentially the monetary value, of your property. However, designing and installing your home swimming pool is a big undertaking that you will want to get right with minimal hitches. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for designing the perfect swimming pool, giving you some guidelines about what to consider before your contractors start work.


Having a budget is the foundation of the entire project and will give both you and your swimming pool contractor an idea of what will be needed to achieve your dream. You might have an idea of some rough figures you would like to adhere to, but you should be able to ask your swimming pool designer for some thoughts about where savings can be made.  

Planning permission and building regulations.

This is entirely dependent on whether you want an indoor or an outdoor pool. Generally outdoor pools don’t require planning permission as they are essentially viewed as a large garden project. There are a couple of exceptions, such as if your garden happens to lie in a government protected area (e.g. conservation areas or areas of outstanding natural beauty) or if the pool is semi-enclosed. Indoor pools, however, may require planning permission as they are often entirely new builds on your property. In this case, apply through the appropriate local planning authority; if you feel unsure about the process, then consult with your local council. 

Regardless of whether you choose to go outside or stay indoors, both types of pool installation will require compliance with building regulations to ensure the pool is constructed safely. For more information about pool planning permission and building regulations, have a read of our detailed article on the subject.

Designing your pool

This is definitely the fun phase of the process. Key choices to make will be the size, shape, colour of tiles or mosaics, and materials of the pool itself and walkways. You may also want to think about what sort of foliage or surrounding landscaping might complement your new pool best. But before you get carried away with ideas, the first thing to decide is what the primary use of the pool will be, such as recreation, exercise or a kids’ play area. Keep this targeted use in mind while you design. Decide on the best location for your pool, in terms of how it fits in with your current outdoor/indoor spaces, and if there will be enough privacy (if that’s something you value). And finally, make sure design the pool allowing for any additional features you may wish to install in the future.

Ongoing maintenance

Your brand new pool is likely to soon become the life and soul of your home, so looking after it properly is very important to keep it functional for years to come. Talk to H2O Swimming Pools, or other swimming pool contractors, about upkeep requirements. If you don’t want to deal with this yourself, consider lifting the burden from your shoulders and hire a professional pool maintenance service – sometimes the contractors who installed the pool will also provide this service, along with any necessary repairs that might be needed. Trusted swimming pool contractors, such as H2O Swimming Pools, can also perform chemical cleaning, along with seasonal tasks such as covering and uncovering, and on site water top-ups (subject to water board enforcements).

Finding the right contractor

This is a crucial stage, as your chosen company will be bringing your ideas to life. Additionally, the right contractor should also be honest with you about what is practically possible and consider all aspects of your design, whilst balancing all elements with the financial restraints of your budget. Check for accreditations and affiliations with companies such as the Swimming Pool and Allies Tradesman Association (SPATA).
Affiliated with SPATA, accredited by Gas Safe, OFTEC, ISPE, and with 30 years’ experience under our belt, H2O Swimming Pools are ready to help you build your perfect swimming pool. Our professional team offer expert pool design, construction, and maintenance across the South East of England, but also provide the chemicals and covers to help customers perform their own pool upkeep. Call our team today to discuss your upcoming project.


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