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What is the best position for a garden swimming pool?

If you’ve ever considered having a pool installed in your garden then you’ve probably got a lot of questions about how you get started and whether it’s even possible for you to have a pool installed.

The big question is whether you can fit one into your garden, and if you can, what’s the best position for the pool where you’ll get the best use out of it. It isn’t just simply a case of digging a hole and fitting a pool into it, there needs to be careful consideration about where your pool will be situated in relation to your home and other properties.


When thinking about positioning, here are a few factors to think about:

Can you supervise the pool from the house?

It’s no use having a pool for your family if you can’t keep an eye on the pool from your house. Pets and children love to use the pool and run around in the garden so safety is paramount when it comes to positioning a pool. Don’t place the pool around a corner, behind obstacles such as trees or sheds, and if you have a large garden don’t place the pool off in the distance where you won’t see clearly.


Are there tree roots around impeding you?

Above the surface you might think all is clear and rosy but take a look around, are there large trees nearby? If there are you could have a problem on your hands as you don’t want the large underground roots to cause you problems through root penetration, meaning that your pool is spoiled later down the line.

In a similar vein you should also check for pipes and cables under your garden, if you can work around any underground problems it will save you time and money.


Where do you get the most sunshine?

During the summer you and your family will want to get the most out of the swimming pool, but this won’t happen if your pool is in the cold of the shade. Most gardens get some form of sunlight at some point in the day, just ensure that you know where you get the most sunshine and at what time of day you get it.


Does the size and shape suit your garden?

From an aesthetics point of view you want to know your swimming pool will look good where it is for years to come. If you want a bespoke shape then ensure it is in line with your house, a disjointed layout could see your property lose value and might make certain areas of your garden impractical. Try laying out the shape and size with pegs to get an idea of where your pool will lie before going ahead with any plans.


Here at H2O Swimming Pools we are leading experts when it comes to swimming pool design and swimming pool construction. Contact us today to discuss your plans and we’ll be happy to help you find the best position for your pool.


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