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Swimming Pools Become More Fun Than Ever Before

Swimming pool design services have been around for a long time now, allowing people to create the ideal pool for their home and their budget. But the world of swimming pool design is changing all the time, with different aspects of the pool ripe for reinvention and adaptation. That’s why this month, we’ve taken a look at the latest trends in swimming pool construction which are making pools more fun than ever before.


The Baja Shelf

You might not recognise the official term Baja shelf, but you’ll no doubt have come across one before in pools. This design feature is essentially an oversized step in your pool. It creates a large surface area where the water of you pool is no more than ankle deep, creating a relaxing area for adults who only want to wet their feet, or a space for infants and children to safely play and get used to pools.

Sometimes called a sun shelf or a tanning area, this is a great space to enter the pool from, dipping your toes before hitting the depth of the pool.


This is an extravagant name for such a simple feature, and it obviously doesn’t mean trying to place a fire in your pool. Instead, make the pool a comfortable place even when there is a chill in the air with a fire pit or bowl close by. Here swimmers can dry off in the heat of an open fire and curl up after a swim. On top of the heat a fire gives off, you’ve also got the added beauty of the red and orange light playing on the blue surface of the water.

Hot Tubs

Another simple way to enhance your swimming pool space is to add a hot tub close by. On the long summer days you can enjoy the fun of the pool, and when the evening comes you can take a dip in the hot tub and keep warm long into the night. It’s a great place to host a party and can even be a comforting luxury in the winter. At H2O Swimming Pools we supply, install and maintain hot tubs, ensuring you get the most from your investment whether you already have a pool or not.



A classic aspect of many pools, waterfalls are easy on the eyes and the ears. On the one hand there is nothing more majestic than a beautifully placed waterfall, but the sound of rushing, falling water is always a comforting, somehow relaxing sound. There are many elaborate waterfall examples out there, but yours doesn’t have to be large or commanding to add something to your pool.

If you do have the room for a larger pool, you might consider the use of the space, allowing for swimmers to go behind the waterfall itself, giving an exotic edge to the pool.


Contact us at H2O Swimming Pools today if you’d like to discuss swimming pool design ideas for your garden or to enquire about hot tubs – we’re always happy to help you create the ideal pool to suit your needs and budget.


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