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Pet and Child Safety In and Around Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are renowned for being the perfect source of entertainment and fun for the entire family; even pets love to get in on the action! As the sun starts to shine and the summer fast approaches, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary pool safety precautions in place to prevent any accidents from occurring when taking a dip in your pool.

This is particularly important in households with young children or pets, as playing in the pool can quickly become fatal if pool safety systems are not in place. Whether you have a pool in your back garden or you are thinking of having one installed, this article will provide you with some top pool safety tips to keeping your children and pets safe when the pool is both in and out of use.  


Make sure there is sufficient fencing fitted around the swimming pool to prevent your young children or pets from entering the vicinity without supervision.

If you already have fencing in place:

  1. Make sure any gaps are covered so nothing can squeeze through any spaces in the fence and access the swimming pool area – you can either choose secured plastic sheeting or glass to cover the gaps.
  2. Don’t leave any garden furniture near to the fencing as this can be used as a climbing frame for pets to launch themselves over. Likewise, children may attempt to climb on the table or chairs to try and get over the fence. Also ensure the fence itself can’t be scaled by adventurous children.
  3. All pool chemicals  must be securely stored away in a cool, dry place out of reach as they can prove extremely harmful should your child or pet get hold of them.

Pool Cover

An automatic safety pool cover not only helps to keep dirt or debris out of the pool when it’s not in use, but it can also prevent your kids or animals from falling into the pool unsupervised. Never let your dog walk over the pool cover or young child crawl over it as they may think this type of behaviour is acceptable and try it when unsupervised – which can have fatal consequences.

Make sure the cover is replaced correctly after every use, and thoroughly check the condition of the cover on a regular basis to ensure there are no gaps that your pet or child can fall through.

In line with this, avoid leaving any toys floating in the pool as this will tempt your child or pet into jumping in when you’re not there.


Installing a ramp or set of stairs in the pool will give your pet an easy exit route should they require it in an emergency. Many pet owners assume that their animal will swim if they fall into a pool, but this is not always the case and it can have fatal consequences.

Whether they are a strong swimmer or have never been in the water before, chances are they will struggle to climb out of the water without aid. As such, training your pet on how to use slip-resistant stairs or a ramp will ensure they know how to exit the pool safely, rather than treading water until they become exhausted.

Swimming Lessons

Likewise, signing your child up for swimming lessons will help them feel more comfortable in the water. That said, they must still be supervised when using the pool to avoid any fatal accidents.

Pool Water

When it comes to safety in swimming pools, the quality of the water is just as important as the other precautions in place. As such, you must make sure that your pool water is thoroughly tested and monitored on a regular basis to eliminate any harmful risks, particularly if you are allowing your dog to use the pool as well as your children.

Please note, if your pet or child suffers from a skin condition or has sensitive skin, you must check with your vet or doctor prior to letting them play in the pool.  

Whether you require a new cover, scheduled maintenance, the installation of stairs or a dog ramp in your swimming pool, we can take care of everything. Our wealth of industry experience means we are well-versed in all things pool-related and can facilitate the entire process so you won’t need to worry about a thing. To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us, simply get in touch today.


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