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A guide to buying and owning a hot tub

Summer is almost upon us, casting glorious sunshine into our gardens and making us pine for a place to dip and enjoy lazy days. For many people a swimming pool is too large or cumbersome for their property, but a hot tub or spa offers that extra relaxation at a fraction of the size. They’re great all year round as a place to dip and soak up the brilliant sunshine or on huddle into on a cold evening in winter.

What then, do you need to consider when buying and owning a hot tub? Here we’ve put together a few top tips for purchasing as well as owning one of these luxury installations.

Plan your budget

Obviously any aquatic installation you intend to buy will be an expense, so you’ll need to ensure you save and plan a budget for the kind of hot tub or spa you want. It will help to focus your spending if you target a particular hot tub as you’ll know what you’re aiming for and be able to plan around that model.

Part of your budgeting needs to factor in the running costs of a hot tub, and while the day to day cost of a hot tub isn’t very much it will add up over the course of a year. Electricity, chemicals and water supply all need to be considered.


Electric avenue

Aside from the cost of the electrics, you should think about how you will supply your hot tub with the energy it needs and whether it can be made safe. Armoured cabling and an RCD are usually needed to ensure the safety of your installation, and depending on how big your hot tub is you will have to ensure you can get enough power to it; the average amps range between 13 and 32. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix so make sure you have a professional electrician wire and install your hot tub.


Keep it covered

With the weather, debris, pets and other assorted factors posing a risk to the integrity of your hot tub and the water therein, you will need to purchase a good cover (a new spa will come with a cover mainly as standard and the body will be insulated). A cover not only keeps the tub clean but it can also provide insulation and save on the costs of heating the water. It should be a tight fit and should be secured to the body with lockable clips to keep your tub protected in turbulent weather and to stop children and animals from falling in.


What suits you best

Not just any style of hot tub will do, you need to find the right one for you and your property. Many people choose to have it in their garden but others have them installed in conservatories or on flat top roofs. The materials should stand up to the elements (usually a mixture of fibre glass, metal framing and wooden cladding) but there are a range of styles available to you.

The placement of your tub is key to the installation process as it will differ greatly if you are having it sunk into the ground or if you’re planning on building a concrete platform in order to take the weight. If you decide these things early on, it will ensure your hot tub installation goes smoothly and you will be less likely to see problems later.


To get the best advice on hot tubs and spas then contact us at H2O Swimming Pools. If you’re based in Surrey and would like to make a splash all year round then get in touch today and discuss your plans with our professional team.


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