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Warm up this winter in your hot tub!

So the pool is covered and set away for winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside for a dip. A hot tub is the perfect addition to any home since it can be used all year round, imagine using one as the snow falls, you sit submerged in hot water with steam rising for the small pool. There have been many incarnations of the hot tub through the ages but they were popularised in western culture in the 1940s when they were introduced into the USA by a Japanese company.


All Year Round

The reason you can keep a hot tub open all year round but not a swimming pool is that the maintenance of a hot tub is much less difficult. Mainly, the reason for this is that is due to the size difference, a hot tub if far smaller than any swimming pool and therefore easier to keep clean at all times of the year.


Health Benefits

There is no better time of year to use a hot tub than in the winter, it has many benefits both for leisure and from a physiological view. The hot water being pumped and jet stream helps to relieve muscular tension, you will feel more relaxed by this which of course has its obvious health benefits in the day-to-day hustle bustle of modern life.


People with Parkinson’s are especially advised to take a dip in a hot tub regularly as it helps build a hydrotherapy plan, taking a dip in winter can be both helpful to the body and is a unique experience to enjoy, as let’s face it, there aren’t many warm outdoor pursuits to take up in winter. Things such as balance, stability and your stride can be helped in the small confines of a hot tub.


Even if you don’t have Parkinson’s you will still feel a health benefit from the massaging jets after a long day. Your stresses will melt away leaving you to unwind and relax before you turn in for the night.



Alternatively you could use the hot tub as a romantic recluse for you and your partner, when the kids are away you can spend an evening beneath the stars together. If you have a family then some quality time can be spent outside in the hot tub, it’s tempting to stay indoors and hibernate with very littler human interaction but the hot tub will keep everyone warm and you will feel a sense of togetherness.


Extra points to think about….


When planning to use your hot tub in winter you should make sure that you have towels close by to dry off immediately when getting out, and whatever you do don’t dunk your head underwater as it will quickly match the freezing temperature of the winter air. You’ll want to ensure that you stay warm and you stay safe so clear a path back to the house and don’t stand out in the cold for too long.


To have your very own winter oasis then get in touch with H2O Swimming Pools today, we specialise in hot tubs and spas for use all year round and also offer maintenance and repair services. Our professional service gives you a valuable addition to your home with bespoke designs available.


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