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Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Series: Terminating Testing Problems

Keeping your swimming pool well maintained is a tricky job; it might seem like you only have to dump a few chemicals in every once in a while but it’s actually a much more delicate science. There are so many aspects to swimming pool maintenance via chemicals that it’s sometimes confusing.

One aspect of your maintenance comes down to testing the water to find out what your chemical balance is like. Your chemicals are there to keep the water sanitised so that people can enjoy the pool. If you have an unbalanced pool you can cause severe damage, but putting too many in can be hazardous to swimmers.

So what issues can you come across when testing your water? There are two main issues which can occur, and in this troubleshooting guide we’re going to tell you what they are, how to spot them and how to rectify the issue.

My Test Keeps Fading To Clear

Should you be carrying out your test of the chemical levels in your pool only to find the test colour fades to clear, it could mean you have a reagent bleaching issue. This occurs when your chlorine levels are too high or, alternatively, when your bromine levels are too high – though the latter is more an issue for hot tubs and spa baths.

Some tests may react badly to these high chemical levels, giving you false or faded pH levels. You should be wary of this and if you’re confident enough in what you’re doing, add a chlorine neutraliser. If you’re not feeling confident about handling these chemicals or combating your high chemical levels, the best advice is to have a pool professional come to take more accurate readings. A professional will be able to help you tackle the issue, taking care of the hard work for you.


Reagent Discolouration?

If your reagent tends to become discoloured when you are testing the chemical balance of your pool this can indicate that your chlorine levels are too high (or that your reagent is old and has lost its qualities). The main thing you can do to rectify this kind of situation is to let the chlorine levels come down somewhat on their own, then you can attempt to retest your pool with fresh reagent. Again, a professional maintenance company should be able to take care of this situation on your behalf if you don’t feel comfortable or satisfied with the chemical test results.

Here at H2O Swimming Pools we are keen for you to get the most enjoyment out of your pool possible, that’s why we offer swimming pool maintenance to help you keep your chemical balance in check. Our team can provide a maintenance schedule which suits your needs to ensure your pool is always safe to use. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss any testing issues you have or provide more information about our services.



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