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UK building regulations and planning permission for swimming pools


Major factors in the decision to have any kind of addition or construction work on your home or property are the planning permission and building regulations. These issues can put many people off but they are in place to act as a barrier of protection against reckless construction work rather than to penalise you.

We know that it can be a confusing process to navigate, and with swimming pools it might seem even more of a niche territory to get to grips with. That’s why we’ve created a short guide to planning permission and building regulations for both indoor and outdoors pools.

The weather in the UK isn’t always suitable for year-round swimming, so while many people like to swim in the fresh air in their own back garden, there are more and more people who are extending their homes or having special enclosures built to accommodate their pool. Take a look below to see how the two differ where planning permission is concerned.


Outdoor Pools

If you’re deciding whether to go for an outdoor or indoor pool then it might make your decision a little easier when you find out that you don’t usually need planning permission for an outdoor pool.

Because the pool will not be attached to your home it would simply be a garden project in many respects. There are however, some instances where you would need planning permission for your outdoor swimming pool. This occurs if your garden is part of an Area of Outstanding National Beauty or if it is located in a National Park, the greenbelt, a conservation site or a World Heritage site.

For this reason, outdoor pools are more popular, removing the red tape and speeding up the process for swimming pool construction. If you’re still unsure about your outdoor pool you can contact the local building authority and check that your garden doesn’t fall within any of the previously mentioned categories.


Indoor Pools

With indoor pools you have a little bit more work to do than with an outdoor pool as regular planning permission applies. Don’t let this put you off though, as the process isn’t as scary as it sounds.

The key to getting your dream indoor pool is to follow the correct procedures. You should start of by hiring an experienced planner and architect who can help you navigate the process and tailor your design to stay within the law. If they have some local knowledge for your area then all the better, since they’ll be able to tell you of specific issues relating to your area which you can avoid at an early stage. An experienced planner will also have contacts in the right places to make your whole experience much easier, saving you from calling and emailing an endless stream of people.


Building Regulations

All swimming pools have building regulations as they fall under Part ‘L’ of the regulations. They cover a number issues to ensure that swimming pools are constructed properly and safely. If you hire a professional swimming pool construction company your builder will no doubt be up to speed on the following things which could impact your pool:


  • Insulation
  • Ground conditions
  • Construction methods
  • Calculations
  • Renovation


Whether you want an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, here at H2O Swimming Pools we can help you design your swimming pool and assist you in navigating any necessary planning permission and building regulations. For more information or to discuss your plans simply contact us today.



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