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Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Series: Stopping Surface Problems

Continuing our in-depth look at the different issues people come up against with their pools, this month we take a look at the multitude of surface problems which can arise. What is each different affliction, what causes it and how can you sort the issue out? The important thing to remember is that no matter what the problem is, with swimming pool maintenance you can have these things taken care of when you first spot them.

Whether you’re planning ahead to guard against and immediately recognise these problems or if you’re looking to match your current surface problem to a potential solution, read on to find out more.


A buildup of scale?

When a rough, sandpaper like build up occurs on the surface of your pool, it’s a good indication that you have a scale issue. It won’t be something which you can easily brush away and probably has a grey colour to it, making your pool surface seem dulled.

Scale usually indicated that there is an imbalance in your water, with the total alkalinity being too high – it could also indicate calcium hardness, or a combination of both. The way to solve this problem is by restoring the balance in your water with an acid solution to help dissolve the solution, it may then be easier to scrub clean.


Etching on your surface?

Etching occurs in patches rather than appearing across the entirety of your pool. This is because, although the surface affliction may feel rough – like the scale problem we already mentioned – it’s an issue relating to your plaster as opposed to it being a water problem.


In this instance you will undoubtedly need to have some re-plastering done. The old plaster work will have had patches where it has become too porous and has lost some of its calcium components. In this instance you should have these areas replaced.


Surface bleaching?

The bleaching of your pools surface is a cosmetic issue and might not be of that much importance to some people since it isn’t known to be damaging to the pool. However, it is an indication of the chemicals being added to the pool incorrectly.

Solutions to this issue – if you feel it ruins the aesthetics of your pool – include replacing the lining of your pool or repainting the surface. The main thing to remember is that you need to be careful when adding chemicals to your pool.


Pool liner wrinkling?

Any wrinkling which you see appear in the liner of your pool can have a number of causes. The main cause is related to your water balance, usually because of low total alkalinity, meaning the acidity of the water has caused the liner to increase water absorption. This can be fixed by rebalancing the water. You can then take a plunger to the area around your wrinkles if there are only a few small ones, this should help stretch the liner back out.

Another reason this can occur is because the liner may have shifted or become unsettled, this will result in a lot of wrinkling and could mean you need a new liner.


Ugly pool stains?

Several different colours of stains can appear on your pools liner. The main causes of staining however are down to metals rusting or fungus under your lining. Debris and muck can be easily cleaned if these things stain your pool, but there is more work required if you have rust or fungus stains.

Metal Out products or shocking your pool might help to remove rust stains, but getting the balance right is key. While removing fungus requires draining the pool and cleaning the underside of the liner.


If you have any of the issues mentioned in this article, or if you are unsure of how to proceed in tackling your pool lining surface issues, look no further than H2O Swimming Pools. We can provide regular maintenance to both tackle the issues you have and to prevent your pool succumbing to such problems – remember, prevention is easier than the cure. Get in touch today to discuss your swimming pool maintenance needs.



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