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Top Ways To Give Your Pool A Facelift

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home and offers another dimension to the way you and your family utilise the space on your land. While all swimming pools are built to last decades, you will eventually find that all pools sustain some damage or begin to look tired sooner or later.

For this reason you should consider giving your pool a facelift. There are many ways to give your pool a facelift, it all depends on which areas of your pool most needs attention. If you fail to maintain certain aspects of your pool it can become more difficult and more expensive to rectify later on. Take a look below for some top ways to give your pool a facelift.



The basic materials in the construction of your pool are there to last a long time, but you have to consider that they are under a constant strain of water and suffer from wear and tear eventually. The lining of your pool may eventually need to be replaced or repaired, while the surrounds of your pool may also have suffered damage. Getting these things sorted out can help offer your pool further longevity, rather than allowing it to become even more dilapidated.



Just like any other kind of plumbing, your pool plumbing is subject to the same risk of failure or deterioration. Regular maintenance can help you to spot problems early, but once a part of your system fails you should have it updated. By having the latest technology when it comes to pumps, heating and chemicals you give your pool a new lease of life. It should go without saying that, unless you are a qualified plumber, you shouldn’t try to tinker with the plumbing of your pool yourself.

A Change In Purpose

Sometimes your circumstances might change, leading you to need to make changes to your pool. Perhaps you now have children old enough to swim and want to make the pool more child friendly? Swimming is a vital life skill and learning at home could be a fun way for the children to gain this skill. Alternatively, you might have purchased a property with a pool and want to make changes to it so that it suits your own personal taste. A child friendly pool might not suit someone who has no children. Remember, a pool can be changed; there is no need for it to be neglected or abandoned.


New Features

An added bonus of having a pool is that you can add new features or change things around at your whim. If you become bored of your pool, either in its shape or look, you could have it altered to bring it back to life. Perhaps you want it to be extended, or you’d like to add steps? The possibilities clearly depend on your budget, but your pool should never disappoint you or make your property look dull.


If you want to liven your pool up in time for summer then simply contact the professional team here at H2O Swimming Pools. We’re always happy to help and can even give you advice when it comes to swimming pool refurbishment.



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