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Swimming Pool Solar Covers: What Are They And Why Would You Need One?

There are many ways you can keep on top of your pool, ensuring it is safe, secure and well looked after at all times. One product which you might have heard about and which you may you could consider purchasing is a solar cover for your pool. You might be at a loss as to why you need a cover and, more specifically, why you need it to be a solar cover. So, in this article we’ll explain to you what a pool cover looks like and how you can benefit from installing one for your pool.

What Is A Solar Pool Cover?

Looking like a large sheet of bubble wrap, a solar cover is a robust sheet of plastic which can be cut to suit the shape of any pool. Varying in thickness the bubbles or pocketed areas are what assist your pool in a thermal sense, but what are these covers good for?

Avoiding Evaporation

Due to the intense sunshine in the summer you need a way of preventing your pool water from evaporating. The sheet will help to block out the sun’s rays and any water which does happen to rise will be unable to escape through the plastic cover itself.

Keeping Out Unwanted Guests

When you think about your pool you don’t want to imagine someone else sneaking into your garden and using it without your knowledge. Similarly, you don’t want animals or pests getting into your pool at night or when you’re away, and in this instance your cover can keep them out. While your own pets might not be unwanted guests, you probably won’t want them in the pool when you’re not watching and for this reason your cover can be used to keep them safe.

Keeping Out Debris

If you don’t use your swimming pool for a long time you might find that when you do come back to use it that it has debris and leaves in it. This is especially true in the summer and autumn when plants bloom and leaves fall. You might think that it doesn’t matter since you don’t intend to use the pool until next year but it can impact the water balance and result in dirtying your pool. With a cover you can simply put it in place when shutting down your pool and reveal a cleaner pool when you do want to use it again – reducing maintenance requirements.

Material Quality

Depending on the quality of the material you get for your swimming pool cover, its lifespan will vary, due to the fact that it’s in constant contact with your water and with debris. You can expect your cover to last at least 3-4 years however if it is well looked after and well maintained.

Here at H2O Swimming Pools we provide solar pool covers for all pool shapes and sizes, simply contact us today to learn more about this product and how you can benefit.


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