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Swimming Pool Safety At Home

Having a swimming pool at home means you’ve always got a source of fun and activity close by, you can get great exercise all year round and it’s brilliant for all the family. What you must remember though, is that pools can be dangerous if you don’t respect them and use them safely.

Safety is vital when using a home pool so it pays to be vigilant and prepared when you have your pool open for use. Summer is a prime time for pool parties, BBQs and general lazy sunny days, but you should never let your guard down because that’s when accidents can happen. We’ve put some key pool safety tips together to help you stay safe this summer.


Supervise children at all times

Death by drowning is more common among children aged 0-4 than it should be, as often it is the result of adults becoming distracted or leaving children to play unattended. Young children especially should be supervised at all times when around a pool, but even older children need supervision to ensure they don’t act irresponsibly. If your children aren’t using the pool but are playing nearby then always keep the pool locked behind a gated fence or with a safety cover.

You can choose to sit by the pool with your kids or simply keep an eye out from the window in your house, but never stray too far. The closer you are the quicker you can react to potential dangers.


Keep the pool area clear from obstructions

This is a simple rule which can save lives as not only does it prevent people from falling into the pool but it is crucial to preventing people tripping on the hard surface around the pool. Head injuries and broken bones are common when equipment, toys and furniture are left strewn around.

Of course it goes without saying that there should be no running around the pool, this is a recipe for disaster even without obstacles because of the slippery surfaces.


Keep a first aid kit handy

Most homes will have a small collection of plasters and creams but if you own a pool you might want to invest in a more comprehensive kit. You will hopefully never need it but it’s always reassuring to have in the event of a major injury.


Ensure you have RCD or RCCB fitted

We all know that electric and water shouldn’t mix, but to power your pumps and heater it’s needed. To protect pool users and people around the pool you should ensure you have a Residual Current Device (RCD) or Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) on your power supply. This way, if there is a fault at any point with the electrics they will automatically be shut off to protect against electrocution.


For more information on how to make your pool safe in terms of both the design and using swimming pool accessories, then contact the team at H2O Swimming Pools today. Our professional team can advise you on all things pool safety related to ensure you get the best use out of your pool.


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