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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter

If this is your first winter with a swimming pool then you might have been thinking about pool maintenance now the pool is no longer in use over winter. Even if you think the real frost hasn’t started to bite yet it will be worth protecting your pool now rather than learning the hard way about broken pipes, algae and staining. In this post we can offer you some handy hints on getting your pool ready for hibernation over the winter.


Pool Maintenance Tips

Strike the right balance
– The chemical balance of your pool over winter is going to be vital, this will ensure that you don’t get water stains around the pool and it will make sure your pool stays sanitised over winter. The pH levels need to be correct before you put it to bed but you can test the levels and adjust throughout winter if you need to. Add an algaecide to keep your pool from going green.



No debris, no worries – You should clean your pool out and make sure that it is free from debris at all levels. You can use a skimmer net or get a state of the art pool cleaning machine, either way once you’ve cleaned it out it will be a nicer sight come spring when you finally want to use it again.


Protect from frost and freezing
– There are quite a few risks when it comes to water and freezing over. You don’t want your pool to completely freeze over so why not float some bottles on the surface to keep the water moving. A heavy duty winter pool cover will also help to keep out the frost but only cover over when you’ve got everything else finished that you need to do.


Your pipes also need protecting, frozen water expands and can burst your pipes without you knowing and when you want to use your pool again you’ll find you need to pay for repairs before you can. Dry the pipes, pumps and filters out as best as you can, most people use either a leaf blower or an appropriate vacuum.


Shock the pool – This is a phrase you’ll hear in relation to shutting down a pool in winter. It is called a shock because you will be adding in a large amount of chemicals in one dose to keep the pool ticking over. Once you’ve got the pH level right you can choose one of two ways to shock the pool. You can use either liquid chlorine or calcium granules (the granules need to be diluted in warm water first before being poured into the pool). The shock will act as an oxidiser over the winter, although it should be pointed out that there is no cure all or solution which will keep your pool 100% protected.


If you’re ever in doubt then contact the professionals – At H20 Swimming Pools we are experts in swimming pool maintenance and installation across the UK. Contact us today to find out more about preparing your pool for winter or ask us about our maintenance, refurbishment and repairs services. We also have the pool covers and chemicals to ensure your pool is protected for the cold months ahead.


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