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Choosing the right swimming pool heating

With the coldest weather seemingly out of the way you might have started to think about having a swimming pool installed, or re-opening your existing pool for use after a long winter hibernation. The temperature outside has been hitting the teens so far but this is still pretty chilly weather to go for a dip. Whether you’re holding off for a few more degrees or just can’t wait to get going, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right kind of swimming pool heating for your pool.


Indoor pool with heating


Gas and oil boiler swimming pool heating

You can get heating in your pool all year round with a gas fuelled boiler heater, so anyone who loves to swim in the heart of winter can get in some vital exercise whenever they please. These heaters are one of the most popular ways to get warm water in your pool and the boiler itself can even be positioned outside. If you require it, they come as flue-less units so it can withstand the elements a little better, but the positioning of the unit still needs some careful consideration.

As with any gas product, you need to have this installed by a qualified and registered engineer to ensure that it is completely safe. Whether being fitted inside or out you should always put safety first.


Swimming pool heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is an excellent way of using the elements to heat your pool. Although these units don’t produce heat directly, they do draw in outside air to pass through a compressor, this is given a helping hand and increased in temperature which can then be passed on to the water in your pool as it flows through the unit.


Swimming pool solar heater

By now most people are pretty familiar with how solar panels work, but solar heating is a little different as it doesn’t create electricity but instead absorbs and passes on the warmth. Panels will be placed on or around your property in the position best suited to catch as much sunlight as possible, the water from your pool will be passed through these units and the heat which the solar units absorb is transferred. This drastically reduces your energy bills in summer as you can rely on the sunshine for the warm water in your pool. What you should consider though is how much sunlight you are likely to get, the further south you are the more likely you are to benefit from this technology, tear round.


Clearly you need to factor in how big your pool is no matter which method you use for heating your swimming pool. You’ll want warm water throughout the pool and the bigger the swimming pool, the more energy you’ll need to use to heat the pool. A simple trick to help you heat your pool is to invest in a pool cover, this traps the warmth inside your pool and provides some insulation while you’re not using it.

To learn more about swimming pool heaters and which one is right for heating your pool then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at H2O Swimming Pools. We have a wealth of experience in fitting all manner of swimming pool heaters to help you get the most comfortable swim.



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