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Why Swimming is the Best Full Body Work Out

When the sun is in the sky and the days are at their longest, there is nothing better for us than exercise through swimming. Not all of us are avid gym users but, for many people, swimming is a far more enjoyable way of getting in some regular exercise.

While you relax with a few lengths in the pool you may not realise just how much good you’re doing yourself. Read on to find out the main benefits of swimming regularly.


Burning Calories

Regardless of how hard you are swimming, you know that you’re getting a full body workout. On average, if you do an hour of solid swimming, it’s rumoured that you can burn up to 500 calories, with the burning of calories carrying on long after you’ve gotten out of the pool.


Lose Weight

Because you’ll be using all parts of your body, you’re more likely to lose weight. Legs, arms, and torso – they’re all in use as you power through the water, so wherever you might think you need to tone up you’re sure to see results with regular swimming.


Less Stress

Your joints are delicate points within your body and need to last you throughout your lifetime. When you pound the pavement with running you’re battering your joints, but when you swim you’re freeing your joints from the stress and pressure whilst keeping up high impact exercise for the whole of your body.


Good Cardio

Next to most other forms of exercise, you can guarantee that you’ll get more from swimming as an aerobic activity. You require more breath and control over your breathing when swimming because your whole body is in motion – with extra oxygen requirements there is more hard work for your muscles, ensuring your cardio is increased. This gives you a stronger heart and a better heart rate the more you continue to exercise through swimming.


Range of Strokes

If you think that the front crawl is too easy and too straight forward for your body, then there are a whole host of different strokes you can introduce into your routine. You can take a more relaxed approach with backstroke or you can go full throttle with the butterfly. While sculling isn’t the quickest way to swim, it’s a great workout for the arms.


Refreshing For Summer

On a hot day, you probably won’t want to be running in the heat of the sun or hide away inside a gym, but with a dip in the pool you can cool off whilst still putting in a good work out. This is perfect for the summer as it can be as simple as a few lengths or a swim with the family, but however you use your pool you’ll be giving your body a thorough workout.


Here at H2O Swimming Pools, we provide swimming pool design and construction to give you exactly the size and shape of pool you need for your exercise. You can get all the exercise you need with access to your own personal pool – simply contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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