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Pool Maintenance: UK Seasonal Guide

The New Year is here and your pool will probably still be under wraps until the weather warms up, but this isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. When you own a swimming pool you should be ever vigilant in planning the seasonal pool maintenance; plan what things you need to do now so that it makes it easier to get equipment, pool chemicals and swimming pool accessories.


We’ve drawn up a guide to the four seasons so you can get a better idea of your swimming pool maintenance duties for 2014.



It’s time to wake up your pool once again, this can mean that you either have to fill the pool if it is still too low, or simply start clearing out the area around your pool. Remove the pool covers themselves, give your garden furniture and pool surround a good clean so that come summer you can get straight into the pool party mood. If you removed any parts for winter to protect them, then reinsert them and perhaps you’ll get lucky with some sunny weather the further into spring we get.

Once you feel the warmer weather coming then start your filter and cleaning equipment to prepare the water in advance. This will remove smaller particles which have dirtied your water while it has been at rest.



Before you go leaping into your pool you need to ensure you have the chemical balance right, you shouldn’t use some of the chemicals you had last year as they may not be effective. Once you get the balance of the water right check you have proper safety measures in place; never leave children unattended near the pool, don’t run around the outside edge and prepare any first aid kits and training you feel you might need. Then you can let the fun begin with parties and BBQs, but be sure to take regular checks of the chemical balance and clean away any debris regularly.

You can get a range of pool toys and swimming accessories to make it more fun for everyone like water guns and small basketball nets to use.



The warmer weather may extend a few weeks into the autumn period but sooner or later you will want to start preparing your pool for shut down again. This means getting rid of leaves and debris from the pool, keeping the PH level consistent until you hit winter. If you have any planned pool maintenance then this is the time to do it, the temperatures are still reasonable to have work done but you probably won’t be using the pool as much – this includes remodelling, repairs and upgrades.



Once winter hits you will most definitely be ready to put your pool to bed, get the right swimming pool chemicals to shock your pool, remove the necessary parts you want to protect and then cover it securely. If you lower your pool then do it now, and you should float an item in the middle to prevent the entire thing from freezing over in the harsher climate.


For more advice on seasonal pool maintenance in 2014 then contact H20 Swimming Pools today. We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of pools to ensure you get the best quality products and services.


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