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How much cold can you stand? Pool heater options

A swimming pool in your back garden at the height of summer is a fantastic way to spend time with the family, get everyone active and simply unwind. The hottest day last year in the UK saw temperatures hit a record 36.7℃, showing that there is plenty of good weather in which you can enjoy your pool.

That said, the months either side of summer can also prove to be bright and warm, but they might lack that same sizzle we get in July. So how cold of a pool temperature can you withstand? The air around the pool might be warm, but without a pool heater the water could still be too cold to actually enjoy.

You need to have a pool temperature of at least 27℃ if you want an enjoyable swim, and this usually means the use of pool heating outside of the scorching summer days. Additionally, a pool can get too hot, making it unbearable to swim in, so closer control over the temperature is a must.

The temperature of your water isn’t just something you need to control for the sake of enjoyment though, older people and young children can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to extremes of temperature.

There are multiple options available to you when planning for heating your pool. Here are just some of the ways in which we can help you to heat your pool at H2O Swimming Pools.

Gas Heaters

There are two types of gas heaters to choose from for heating your swimming pool: condenser or conventional. Both work well for heating a pool, proving affordable if you can get the best price for your gas. Condensers are said to be able to recover more heat in the process, therefore making them the more efficient of the two.

Oil Heaters

A low maintenance option, oil heaters for pools can also be very energy efficient and economical as a long term investment. You can have flexible control over your pool temperature through a robust oil heating system.

Heat Pumps

With more and more people looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make the most of new technology, heat pumps have risen in popularity. You can select a heat pump to heat your pool, most commonly as air to water. However, there are some specialist systems which can be provided with additional engineering, including ground to water and water to water.

Electric Heaters

Some of the most affordable heaters on the market are electric heaters for swimming pools. You can integrate a timer and have the system trigger at certain temperatures to ensure you’re never wasting energy. It’s important to think about safety when dealing with electrics around water, with trained electricians required for all installation and maintenance work.

At H2O Swimming Pools we can provide and install all of the above pool heater types, ensuring you get the right system for your needs, preference and budget.

If you’d like more details on heating your pool and which system is right for your needs then simply get in touch with our professional team today – we’ll be happy to talk you through the options available to you.


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