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Pool Cover Safety

When you have the luxury of a pool in your back garden, there is also always a danger present. Bodies of water can be dangerous for children, animals and even adults if they aren’t fully paying attention.

There is nothing better than enjoying your pool with your friends and family, but come winter it is essential that you consider the safety aspects of your pool and its cover. There are a multitude of pool covers on the market to choose from, but the key consideration should be how your pool cover can be made safe to avoid any tragic accidents.

This month we’ll take a look at the most common pool safety covers you’re likely to come across, analysing their safety credentials.

Winter Pool Cover

Winter covers for your swimming pool are a good idea, they keep debris and leaves out of your pool which helps protects the aesthetics of your pool as well as the water. What many don’t realise is that a simple tarpaulin draped over the surface of a pool does not create any safety. For a winter pool cover to be completely safe it should be a specifically manufactured style of winter cover, where the strength of the mesh can sustain weight when anchored around the perimeter of the pool.

Slatted Pool Cover

For a safe and secure pool cover, look no further than slatted pool covers. These interlocked, elongated slats provide a sturdy cover which can take the weight of an adult in most cases. It is not recommended that you stand on these covers however, as they are merely there for protective purposes. What is recommended is a handrail to go with this cover, that way there is an added safety feature. Usually these slatted covers can be rolled up, plus, as an added bonus they have a sleek, stylish finish to them.


Solar Covers

One thing to understand is that not every cover – even if it has the same name – is not exactly the same. For solar covers there are some which can be considered safe, while others may well not be. It’s important to factor this in when choosing your cover, check the strength of the cover before buying if you are looking to protect children and animals.


Moving Floors

If you have the money to go for an extravagant cover and can factor it into your design, you might want to consider a moving floor. This feature not only offers fantastic protection for your pool, but it also maximises the space in which your pool is situated, allowing you to use the area for other things when the floor is leveled and the pool is not in use. Automatic in their function, you won’t need to lift a finger, simply push a button and watch your space transform.

At H2O Swimming Pools we provide fantastic pool covers and can advise you on the safety issues surrounding different pool cover types. This ensures you can protect your pool, but more importantly, that you can protect your family. For more information about pool covers, or to discuss your requirements with a member of our professional team, simply contact us today.


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