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Pets in the pool

The temperature is starting to rise again, with more and more daylight for us to enjoy outside of work and school time. Your swimming pool is a great way to cool off and relax, but if you’re starting to feel the heat then spare a thought for your furry friends. A rise in temperature for cats and dogs sometimes leaves them desperate for a way to cool off, with your swimming pool being a big blue puddle in which they can refresh themselves.

Many pets love pools just as much as we do, but there are a myriad of factors to consider when you decide whether to let your pets make a splash or not.


The number one issue which arises from pets using the pool is down to hygiene. While your pet is surely not a health hazard normally, their inclusion in the pool could see them use it as a place to relieve themselves, spoiling the pool and introducing harmful bacteria to the water supply.

You might not notice this happening if you aren’t keeping a close eye on your pet, which could be even worse as you won’t be aware of how harmful the water might be.

Pool Functionality

Secondary to the hygiene issue, the fur from your pet’s coat is likely to pose an issue. Not only because their hair will be floating around in the pool, but because it might affect the inner workings of your pool. A pump or filter might become clogged with hair very quickly if your pets frequently use the pool and have a heavy coat.

This might be a costly repair if something gets broken, but at the very least it’s an avoidable inconvenience which might put your pool out of action for a while.

Healthy Pets

We all want our pets to be safe and happy, so it’s worth considering their health and safety when deciding on whether to let them in the pool or not.

Drowning – The sad fact is that if your pet isn’t a strong swimmer, and they fixate on a toy or dropped item, they could ingest too much water when trying to breath. They require constant supervision to ensure they don’t get themselves into a situation they can’t get out of

Chemicals – We all know that pools contain a certain amount of chemicals which are safe for humans, but which might not be so kind to the skin of a cat or dog. You’ll want to wash your pet down straight away after they use the pool to ensure the chemicals from the pool don’t linger

Drinking – Does your pet love to drink from places they shouldn’t? It’s a risky call to make, as on a hot day your dog or cat might feel parched as they laze in the sun. If your water contains chemicals this can be dangerous for pets; consumed in large amounts, the pool water could make them very ill

Supervision & Entry

Something you’ll have to consider in all of this is how intelligent you deem your pet to be. Do you think you’ll need to be there to watch them constantly? Even if you do feel they can be left to their own devices, there is still the risk of accidents occurring – especially if they’re busy having fun.

Another aspect of your pet’s safety comes down to their entering and exiting the pool. If you have steps leading out of the pool it will be easy for them to clamber out of their own accord. Without such steps – and especially if your pool has a tall lip up from the water – it might be difficult for them to get out again safely.

Bear in mind also, that it will be a lot more slippery for your pets coming out of the pool than when they decide to go bounding in. To combat this, you could purchase a special exit ramp for your pet, designed to provide an easy way for for them to climb out.

Weighing up all of these matters is important, with the general supervision of your pets a key consideration in all departments. It’s up to you whether you let them in the pool or not, so it might be a good time to establish their intelligence and work on their training.

If you’re considering a swimming pool for you – or your pets! – to enjoy this summer, look no further than H2O Swimming Pools, where we provide design and construction services. Contact our team today for more details on your requirements – we even provide servicing and maintenance of pools throughout the summer and beyond.


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